An interesting point on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.



Here’s a short post, a comment from a young man featured on the “Humans of New York” Facebook page on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  This prescient comment goes straight to the heart of what The Lucian is about:  Getting people to think about the issues affecting the world around us, one of those issues being this seemingly never-ending saga in the Middle East that has costed many lives and has led to untold suffering.


And now, the comment:

“We’re organizing grassroots efforts in both Israel and Palestine to pressure leaders for a two state solution.”


“Do you find more people wanting a two state solution in Palestine than Israel?”


“Nobody WANTS a two state solution on either side. But on both sides, over 60% of people are willing to accept a two state solution. The problem is– while 60% are willing to accept a compromise, only 30% of people think that a compromise is possible. And when one side thinks that the other side will never compromise, it reverts back to pure self-interest. And that’s a dangerous thing. So we’re trying to bridge that belief gap, and convince the 60% of people that are willing to compromise that compromise is indeed possible.”


Seeing the history behind this ongoing conflict, the young man has a tough, long road ahead of him in achieving his goal.  Best of luck to him in doing so.


 h/t Humans of New York.


 - Danny “Lucius” Lundy


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